Asthma Sufferers and Anti Inflammatory Prescription Drugs

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)

The Risks Of Taking Anti Inflammatory Drugs With Asthma

A recent study in Australia has looked into the effects of prescription drug based anti inflammatory products on those who suffer with AsthmaAsthma_Pump_pic_Rex_Features_318666881

The study has revealed that the use of non steroid anti inflammatory products (NSAID’s) such as Ibruprofen could be a bigger problem than thought.

This offers little comfort to the thousands of Australians that suffer from both Asthma and Arthritis

Asthma and other breathing problems have many triggers but the evidence reviewed in the study has demonstrated that these drugs plus aspirin could in sensitive people bring on an asthma attack up to three hours after taking them.

The reviewers concluded that one in 5 asthmatics have a sensitivity to aspirin and virtually all those with asthma have a sensitivity to NSAID’s

On a plus side, reactions to Paracetamol was really low at 2% with any reactions generally much milder than those caused by Ibruprofen and the like.

The general conclusion was that intolerance to aspirin can develop in adulthood, those asthmatics under 40 and with no prior sensitivity to aspirin should be aware of the risks and should try and use paracetamol whenever possible.

If Ibruprofen or any other NSAID’s are required by Asthmatics, they should only be taken under strict medical supervision until any potential sensitivity or intolerances to these drugs are documented.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatments And Pain Relief

With the risks associated with prescription drugs and NSAID’s the search has been on for compounds that do not cause any reactions or side effects, especially for those who are suffering with arthritis and other joint pain and that are also asthmatic.

Doctors In Texas have discovered that a natural fungus that has shown greater anti inflammatory properties than those provided by drug based cortisoid steroid treatment, and without the risks of side effects and dependency so often linked with these sorts of drugs.

Lingzhi_Reishi_MushroomThe fungus in question is Reishi – a type of mushroom.

Reishi has been blended with two other natural extracts – Capsaicin and Tong Kat Ali to form the basis for Provailen, a natural anti inflammatory and pain relief supplement that has in tests provided all the benefits of prescription drugs without the risk and side effects so commonly associated.

Provailen is fast becoming the worlds best selling natural anti inflammatory and pain relief supplement and is now available across Australia…

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