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Immune Defence – Now Available Throughout Australia

How To Keep Your Immune System Healthy

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In these worrying times, our health is foremost in our minds. Usually keeping our immune system healthy is one of the last things that we think of, most of us take it for granted, we just naturally assume hat its there, working away, protecting us from all those toxins, germs and infections that are all around us.

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More than ever before, ensuring that our immune system is working properly, is absolutely crucial.

“How Can You Do This?”

We are what we eat is a popular phrase, and now, more than ever before we need to eat healthily and sensibly. 

Your diet is one of the first things that you can look at to help ensure that your immune system is firing on all cylinders. We are very lucky in that nature has provided us with some essential foods that provide key minerals and vitamins known to help boost and maintain our immunity.

Some of the key minerals and vitamins that we should be eating every day are:

  • Vitamin C – one of the most important vitamins for your immune system, its also one that we do not store in our body, so we need to take it on board every day. If we are lacking in it, its likely that we will be more prone to becoming unwell.
  • Vitamin E – A very powerful natural antioxidant that helps the body fight off infections and some viruses
  • Vitamin B6 – Supports the immune system, helping it to fight infection
  • Zinc – One of life’s essential minerals, has many effects in the body, but boosting immune system is a key benefit

All of the above can be found in most fruits, vegetables and in the case of Zinc – seafood and lean meats.

Can You Boost Your Immunity With A Supplement?

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The definitive answer to this question is YES – but you do need to make an informed decision about what supplement to buy. There are many hundreds of products available both in store and online, all making claims about what they can do and how they can improve your immune system.

One product that comes highly recommended is called Immune Defence, it’s a very cleverly developed, well thought out daily supplement that delivers powerful doses of crucial compounds that will help support and boost your immune system.

Supplied in aniseed flavoured lozenges that (when sucked in the mouth), coat the throat with powerful doses of zinc ions, Vitamin C, A and E along with Acerola and Rosehip

“If you are fighting a cold, feeling stressed or simply want to ensure that your immune system is  kept healthy, Immune Defence can help!”

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The Formula In Immune Defence

The main ingredients in each lozenge are Zinc (3.5mg), Vitamin C (2.5mg). They also contain Vitamin E,A and More C with the inclusion of Acerola and Rosehip

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Instructions For Immune Defence

The makers suggest sucking 1 lozenge every 2 hours during the day – Take a maximum of 4 lozenges per day.

Immune Defence is suitable for anybody aged 12 or over. Just DO NOT TAKE if you are on any long term medication or antibiotics without checking with your doctor first

Benefits Of Immune Defence – Why You SHOULD Take It

  • Provides essential, anti-viral support during flu and cold season
  • Delivers essential immunity support from natural minerals and vitamins
  • Speeds recovery from colds etc
  • Boosts your immune system during stressful times
  • Delivers support for the whole family
  • Improved Immunity to frequent flyers and regular commuters

Where Can I Buy Immune Defence In Australia

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Buyers in Australia and New Zealand, can get their supply immune defence directly from the official website ( Click Here To Go To

The makers ship worldwide for FREE and also offer a lengthy 100 csh back guarantee on all orders

Prices ( in USD – these will be converted at checkout to AUD$):

  • Buy a months supply for $44.95
  • 3 months supply will cost $114.85
  • 5 months supply will cost $ 174.75

Final Thoughts On Immune Defence

It’s never been as important as now to make sure that your immune system is as healthy as possible, while it can’t stop all illnesses, it will really help.

Immune Defence is a high rated supplement that has been researched in depth and very cleverly formulated.

Its tasty lozenges are easy to take, the aniseed flavour is really nice and you get no aftertaste or repeats after taking them..

Why Not Check Them Out?

You Can Find Out More At The Official Website – Click Here

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