The Ultimate Acne Busting Skincare Routine 

The Ultimate Acne Busting Skincare Routine 

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

Appraise The Situation

Are you looking at whiteheads or blackheads? If it’s the former you’re most likely not exfoliating enough – if you’re not getting rid of dead skin cells regularly, they pile up and block the skin’s pores and lead to oil build-up.

If your problem is harder, red cysts, you’re probably looking at hormones like cortisol, which is triggered by stress and cause sore inflammation and oiliness. This excess oil can block hair follicles and manifest itself in painful red pimples.

Start with over-the-counter treatments

If your breakout isn’t caused by hormones, you should be able to treat it over-the-counter. Look for a spot treatment gel with 2% salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, or something containing benzoyl peroxide to fight bacteria. In terms of a daily facial cleanser, something with at least 0.5% salicylic acid should do the job.

Still Suffering? Book in with the dermatologist

If after eight weeks things aren’t any better, find a dermatologist before things get any worse – treating it sooner means you can avoid scarring later. Your exact treatment will depend on your consultation – you might be given topical products at a higher strength, you might be offered a more high-tech treatment like lasering or you might be prescribed medication to help regulate your hormones.

Try Retinoids

If after a month nothing’s better, look to retinoids. Isotretinoin, for example, is an oral retinoid that works to reduce oil production and ease skin inflammation, and has performed excellently in helping acne suffers reign their condition in and make it more manageable.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

While we don’t recommend cutting out food without doing your own research first (regardless of what your magazines might tell you!), we do recommend paying attention to your diet and keeping a keen eye out for anything that might trigger your acne.

Recent studies, for example, have found strong links between acne and simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread and pasta. This is thought to be because these are converted into simple sugars, stimulating insulin release – a key cause of acne.

Keep Your Hands Where They Are

No, not like that. Skin picking is a nightmare for skin, spreading bacteria, causing intense breakouts and even culminating in scarring. The rule here is simple: keep your hands away for your face and leave them to something more useful!

Banish The Blackheads

Blackheads and acne tend to go hand in hand. Blackheads are the product of the oil and debris that collects in block pores and darkens the skin. Getting rid of these should be an important part of your skin routine, but be careful not to anger them! To banish them, use an exfoliator with 2% or less salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids each morning. Leave it to sit on damp skin for around 60 seconds before rinsing – that’ll do the trick.

Follow these steps and you’ll have picture perfect skin in no time!

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