Causes Of Scarring

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2019)

What Causes Scarring


Most of us have a scar or two, from a childhood accident or an illness (like chickenpox for example) or acne.

However large these scars are, if they are visible, they can make us feel rather self conscious and embarrassed.

This article looks at scars in general and the best way to reduce their appearance.

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What Are Scars

Scars are fibrous tissues that grow to replace our regular skin after injury, some illnesses or surgery. It does not have the same flexibility as regular skin, it is also lacking other components of regular skin including sweat glands, hair follicles and melanin.

Scars tend to have a rather distinctive appearance, often shiny and red which fade to a dull white colour. They can also cause unpleasant tightness of the skin in affected areas.

stretch marks

One of the more common forms of scarring are stretch marks

Common Causes Of Scarring

  • Accident
  • Disease
  • Acne
  • Surgery
  • Fast Weight Gain
  • Pregnancy

Treatment Of Scarring

There has been a great deal of development in the treatment of scarring, there are topically applied creams and serums that can (in many cases) help to reduce the appearance of scarring.

Another area of concern with many women (and men to that point) is acne scarring:

How to Significantly Reduce Acne Scars

While acne breakouts can be a source of frustration and inconvenience, much of the time they’re only here for a whirlwind week or two before disappearing again.

But what happens when acne is longer lasting and worse still, if it leaves a last impression?

The acne scars and the dark marks persistent breakouts can leave behind can be a huge obstacle to looking good and feeling our best.

While the bad news is that there’s no single treatment that can promise to wipe out acne scarring completely, there are ways to try and minimise their impact.

In this article, we take a look at them.

Where To Start

The first thing to look at when attempting to treat acne scarring – and one that is often forgotten completely – is to ascertain what you’re actually dealing with: acne marks or scars.

The difference between the two?

In short, the purple, red and brown marks left behind after a breakout are known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and disappear of their own accord after anything between three to six months.

If that sounds like forever, never fear – there are a host of vitamin C-based serums, topical retinoids, sunscreens and skin brighteners can help accelerate the process.

True acne scars, however, are more permanent, and represent the collagen damage that acne can cause. In this instance your only real options are laser treatments or dermal fillers.

Both of these choices help treat the three main types of acne scars:

  • Ice pick scars – deeper, wide scars with jagged edges
  • Boxcar scars – wide, rectangular depressions with steep, sharp edges
  • Rolling scars – broad indentations with rounded, sloping edges.

Treating Acne Marks: Your Options 

Topical vitamin C serum – serums like this can help rebuild collagen and encourage the skin to heal. 

Sunscreen – when skin isn’t protected from the sun, UVA and B rays can darken both acne scars and marks further. This means you should be on full alert for the sun and slather yourself in sun cream every day.

Skin brighteners – brown-tinged marks usually respond well to ingredients that lighten the skin’s pigments like licorice, vitamin C, retninol and kojic acid. These won’t work as well on red or pink acne marks, though, which are better treated with sunscreen or laser treatments.

Retinoids – this stimulates the skin’s cells to divide at a faster rate, pushing out cells with discoloured pigment. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that retinoids make the skin very sensitive, so should be used alongside sunscreen. 

Chemical peels these use products with glycolic acid to encourage cell turnover, where new cells form and help even out the skin’s tone. These can either be done at home or clinically.

How To Treat Acne Scars: Your Options

Treating actual scarring cause by acne requires a little more time, TLC and dermatologist expertise. Here’s a round-up of the available options:

Dermal fillers – this sees scars filled with a substance, often hyaluronic acid, that lifts depressed areas of skin. Taking around 20-30 minutes, the process often needs repeating every two to three months.

Steroid injections – these can be used to both get rid of and reduce inflammation around current acne, and help thicker scars appear softer and flatter thanks to the inclusion of cortisone.

Lasers – laser treatment helps remodel the skin’s collagen, improving scars by 30%+.

Punch excisions – this more invasive procedure works especially well with ice pick scars, and sees a dermatologist use a small cookie- cutter-like device to cut out the scar, before sewing it closed and removing the stitch a week later.

Many people also use a combination of all of the above to treat acne, even out the skin’s texture and proactively fill in scars. In other words, you’re spoilt for choice, so take your time to research the right solution for you.

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Many of us carry scars of some for or another, maybe from injury or surgery, a childhood illness like chickenpox, or maybe the scars have been caused by acne or other skin damage.

What ever the cause, if they are visible, they can be a source of concern and embarrassment.

So What can We Do About Them – Can We Get Rid Of Them?

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By working in conjunction with your skins natural 28 day renewal cycle, Dermefface FX7 will

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  • Pushes the scar tissue to the outer layer where it can be sloughed away
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Scarring is reduced quickly, it helps to stop flaking and itching of the skin and reduces the common signs of redness or discolouration.


Ingredients in Dermmeface FX7

Ingredients include proven natural skin healing products including:

Bilberry, Goji, Mangosteen, and Soya bean fibre.

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As Dermefface FX7 gets to work it helps to

  • Speed healing and regeneration throughout all skin layers
  • Increases natural collagen production
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How Quickly Does DermeffaceFX7 Work

dermefface-website-4001The process is not an overnight cure, it can and will take time to see full results, and will depend on the depth and severity of the scarring.

The skin has a natural renewal cycle and Dermefface fx7 works with this cycle to gradually push the scar tissue to the surface where it is sloughed away to leave healthy new skin

This can take anything from 90 to 180 days – Skinception are very clear about this, they do not make any wild claims about being a ‘miracle’ product. It will require commitment but it is worth it, Dermefface FX7 Works!!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

With the treatment time being lengthy, Skinception wanted buyers to feel confident when buying Dermefface FX7. They give buyers a full 97 days to try the product and if they fail to see any improvement, they are free to return any used product for a full refund.


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