Exposed Ultimate 9 Piece Acne Care Kit

Exposed Skin Care Ultimate Acne Treatment

 The Ultimate Acne Care Kit – Everything You Will Ever Need To Get Clearer Skin In 30 Days Or Your Money Back

 Acne Care Specialists Exposed Skin Care have released what they call thekit-1Ultimate Acne Care kit.

Their 60 day ‘Ultimate 9 piece Kit’ provides everything that you will ever need to reduce your acne (however severe) in 30 days or less.

For Just $94.95 buyers receive 60 day supply of:

Facial Cleanser – Ultimate skin cleansing without any drying out

Clearing Tonic – Rebalances Skins natural PH

Acne Treatment Serum – Protects skin from acne flare-ups 24/7

Clear Pore Serum – Works through the night to keep skin clear

Derm-X Cloth – provides gentle but effective exfoliation

Moisture Complex – Maximises hydration without leaving the skin oily

Microderm Scrub – Smoothes skin instantly

Clarifying Mask – Detoxes and cleanses skin

Probiotic Complex – natural supplement that cleanses skin from the inside

Exposed Skincare is unique in that it offers users the benefits of both proven scientific ingredients and gentle natural ingredients that fight and reduce acne breakouts, giving users clearer skin in just 30 days – Guaranteed Or Your Full Money Back

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