Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Strips

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Strips

How To Lift Heavy Eye Lids Without Surgery

Cosmetic Company Eye Secrets have raised the bar when it comes to innovative anti ageing products.

Their recent launch of their new Upper Eye Lid Strips has offered people with that ageing ‘heavy lidded look’ a non surgical option to painful and expensive cosmetic surgery.


What Are Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Lift Strips

Heavy or saggy eye lids can be most ageing.

Until last year the only real option was for those suffering with this problem was to undergo eye lid lift surgery (Blepharopasty)

Now we have a viable alternative – the Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid Lift Strips are a simple, easy to use product that instantly fixes that tired heavy eye lidded look.

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How Do Eye Secrets Strips Work

These small adhesive strips are totally translucent and are invisible when in use.

To use, simply stick the strips to the top of the eye lid, they then lift and hold the eyelid back up in its correct position, making your eyes look more alert and youthful.

They can be used with your favourite eye make up and last for up to 12 hours.jennifer-aniston-eye-secrets

Featured in many of the worlds most popular newspapers and on various TV shows, the strips have even taken hollywood by storm –

A list stars such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Diane Laine are reported to be fans of the strips to keep them looking fresh during long days on set filming

Benefits Of Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Strips

  • Instantly lifts your upper eyelids to give a more youthful, alert appearance. You simply HAVE to try it!
  • Designed to fit all eye shapes. No wasting time with sizing issues.
  • See the difference 60 seconds after you open the box! Couldn’t be easier to use.
  • No dangerous and expensive surgery. Completely safe and amazingly cost effective.
  • Easy to Apply. Takes just seconds.
  • Results last a full 10-12 hours. Simply apply and forget about it, you don’t even have to carry more with you.
  • 30 Days Supply. Use every day for a whole month or save for those special occasions.


Where Can I Buy Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Lift Strips

These strips can be found in a very few select stores, however to be sure of getting genuine Eye Secrets products we recommend buying directly from the official stockist Bauer Nutrition.

Orders are shipped throughout Australia quickly and discreetly.

Eye Secrets Strips are sold in boxes containing 30 days supply, they cost $48.86.

Eye Secrets do offer some additional savings to customers who buy two or more boxes

Get Rid Of That Heavy Eye Lidded Look

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