How Nootropics Boost Your Workouts

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

Your Body Is a Temple, But What About The Brain?

How Nootropics Boost Your Workouts

From kale smoothies and superfood salads to detoxes, vitamins and workout supplements, our love affair with health and wellness knows no bounds. After all, the body is a temple. But while we’re often nothing short of obsessed with making sure our body is nourished, we tend to neglect the brain – despite the fact that it’s basically the body’s mission control and supports each and every thing our bodies black-woman-stresseddo.

So just how do we ensure the brain is in tip-top condition? Enter nootropics, or smart pills. Increasingly popular with people looking for increased memory, focus, motivation and all-round brain power, these pills can have serious impact on our body’s ability to push through tough workouts and maintain momentum through challenging exercise routines. This means one thing – serious results.

There’s a whole catalogue of these powerful pills out there, with each strain working on different neurotransmitters in the brain in a unique way to optimise your cognitive power. These cell-signaling chemicals bind to receptors through synapses to enable the receptor to undertake essential functions, and nootropics work to increase the efficiency of these systems. Put basically, they make the brain function much more clearly, help focus, memory, attention to detail and the ability to learn.

Boost Focus And Concentration

But what has this got to do working out? Well, nootropics can help the brain communicate with the body more effectively, supporting increased focus and motivation while giving you the boost required to defeat tough workouts. To put it simply, the better shape your brain is in, the better equipped your body is to tackle workouts, and nootropics can give you that mental edge.

Certain nootropics target the acetylcholine neurotransmitter for example, which manages muscle control and balance, endurance levels and reflexes. Motivation is another area where a nootropic can pay serious dividends – by crossing the blood brain barrier and supporting increased production of the neurotransmitter that drives motivation, nootropics can be the difference between a lackluster workout and one that sees you smash every goal thanks to sky high motivation levels, alertness and attention. Oh, and there’s improved stamina and endurance to huge strength and size gains, too.

Reduce Stress

What’s more, supporting the GABA transmitter enables nootropics to reduce stress and anxiety levels, too, boosting concentration levels when working out and making you feel happier, healthier and ready to tackle those fitness goals.

Mind_LabSo while a regular exercise regime, workout supplements, a healthy diet and vitamins and minerals are all a pretty smart idea, don’t fall into the trap of forgetting your brain. A nootropic can be the difference between a standard training session and one that’s completely off the charts – and which would you prefer?

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