How To Get Perfect Skin At Any Age

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)

Caring For Your Skin As You Age

Our skin is directly affected by our age, as the years progress our skin care regime needs to evolve and change as the demands of keeping our skin looking fresh and youthful.

In Your 20’s

After the hormonal irregularities of adolescence, your skin should have settled crealine_visu_2009down, if you are one of those who has oily skin, you could still suffer from the occasional blackhead or spot.

You shouldn’t have any lines or wrinkles at this stage, but if you are one of lives sun worshippers and haven’t been that thorough with sun protection, you may well have the beginnings of crow’s feet and sun spots. Those that smoke or drink regularly could well have a dull complexion or even some broken blood vessels.

Every morning try buffing your face with a soft muslin cost dampened with warm water, follow this with a light application of alcohol free tonic and some daily moisturiser.

Try and choose products that are high in antioxidants to help protect against harmful toxins and essential fatty acids to keep skin smooth.

Apply a facial oil before you go to bed at night, if your skin is dry choose avocado or rosehip oils, combination or oily skin reacts well to peach or apricot oils.

Importantly you must remember to use sun care products on face, hands and body.

Supplements that contain omega3 essential fatty acids and GLA will encourage skin smoothness.

Tip : Drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water to help keep skin clear and smooth.

In Your 30’s

Our skin can begin to look duller as the cell regeneration slows, repeated muscle activity causing frowning can start to show creases in the skin.

It is important more than ever to maintain cleansing and moisturising to retain the skins bright complexion. Look for a cream based detergent free cleanser to work well with the skins slightly acidic PH balance, after this, make sure that you use a toner to minimise any enlarged pores.

Choose the correct moisturiser to suit your skin type, dry skins prefer creams packed with emollients that include avocado, rosehip, wheat germ, borage and evening primrose.. Choose a lighter moisturiser if you have combination or oily skin.

Apply a sun screen of at least SPF20 over moisturiser to protect the skin from the suns drying properties. Mix rosehip oil with the contents of a Vitamin E capsule and apply at night to reduce the appearance of any age spots. Use an eye cream that includes GLA, antioxidants and rich plant oils. Taking a Vitamin C supplement with minerals will help to maintain collagen levels in the skin.

Exfoliate and use a face mask once a week

Tip: Treat yourself with a professional facial, not only will it help boost your complexion, you will feel totally relaxed.

In Your 40’s

The breakdown in Collagen with age is likely by now, as cellular turnover is Unknownslowing, menopausal symptoms often start around 44, which can lead to stress, reduced sleep and outbreaks of spots or acne, reducing levels of estrogen can contribute to skindryness and reduced suppleness

Moisturise often and buff skin once a day with soft face cloth, exfoliate once a week but take care to choose an exfoliator with small round beads that will not scratch your skin. If skin sensitivity develops, try and choose products with fewer ingredients. Consult a doctor or dermatologist if broken veins and blood vessels become a problem.

Tip: Reduce any eye puffiness by filling a basin with cold water and ice cubes, splsh eyes 10 times and then pat dry with a soft towel, any puffiness or swelling with reduce in minutes.

In Your 50’s

By this age, the oil production has usually slowed down and most skins will feel drier, the level of fat over your cheekbones may also start to reduce which can change the contours of your face.

Your skin will get thinner and possibly more fragile due to the reduced collagen levels, it is vital to help support the skin by using oils.

Always ensure that you use a cream based cleanser and exfoliate before using a face mask that will help the ingredients really penetrate the skins outer layer, make sure that you use a skin nourishing treatment to re-moisturise the skin, choose products high in avocado oils and GLA.

When deciding on a daytime moisturiser, ensure that it is high in antioxidants, and vitamins. Look for Vitamin E ,Green Tea, Grape and Pomegranate extracts along with Beta-Carotene.

A bedtime massage using oil containing rosehip, argen, borage or evening primrose, the thicker and richer the product, the better.

Tip: Try Facial exercises to help improve circulation, push your chin out and lift bottom lip over top lip, hold for a count of 5 seconds and release, repeat 10 times.

Try pulling the corners of the mouth downwards in a highly exaggerated grimace, stretch and tighten the muscles that run down your neck, hold and repeat as above.

In Your 60’s

haircut_over_60_3_thumbYour skin can sometimes look older as the blood vessels in the dermis deplete, exercises and the correct choice of cosmetics can help. Dark circles under the eyes and age spots can be caused by over production of melanin..

Massage the skin especially during the colder months to maintain that warm glow, use daily moisturisers both day and night.

Skin and hair colour tend to lighten with age, so its crucial to use pretty colours and light textures to bring back the youthful brightness, a light tinted moisturiser, along with a radiant blusher and some bronzing powder can work wonders, mix with a soft lipstick in rose, nutmeg or fuchsia with a longer lash mascara.

Tip : Take an algae supplement to boost skin plumpness

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