Powher Cut Reviews

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Powher Cut Fat Burner For Women Review [2021] – Just How Good Is It?

Powher Fat Burner For Women Claims

Powher Cut ( AKA Powher fat burner for women) is an all natural weight loss supplement that promises its users that it will help you burn unwanted body fat:

  • Help you get that ‘beach ready’ body in time for summer – Help you lose the maximum amount of weight
  • Reduces your appetite – feeling the urge to eat between meals will help get you lean
  • If you work out, you will get better results in the gym – Powher Cut help to improve metabolism providing you with more energy and boosting natural fat burning

The makers of Powher Cut tell us on their official website that they have developed an all natural formula that is purpose designed to help boost your weight loss goals. They have ensured that both the ingredients and the dosing is more effective than any other product out there.

We have recently completed our own trial on Powher Cut and this review gives you the full in depth story on its formula, its effect, benefits and side effects

Powher Cut Formula

The makers have kept it simple with just 7 key ingredients in the mix – this is actually a good thing, it allows them to put decent, effective amounts of each compound in every serving. 

We HATE those products that list 20 or more ingredients, you KNOW that there is no way that you are getting anything more than trace amounts of each ingredient in each serving.

Each Serving Of Powher Cut is made up as follows:

  • Konjac Root ( Glucomannan) 3000mg
  • Selenium 146mg
  • Chromium 120mg
  • Natural Caffeine 100mg
  • Magnesium 100mg
  • Choline 90mg
  • Iron 18mg

Let’s look at the ingredients in more detail – discover what they do and how they work to help YOU reduce unwanted fat and get that body you so desire.

Konjac Root (Glucomannan)

Taken from the Asian plant of the same name, Konjac is high in a natural dietary fibre known as Glucomannan. 

Its one of the most studied and approved appetite surpressing ingredients, when it is mixed with water it gently expands into a gel type substance that gives you the feeling of fullness, helping you to stop feeling hungry and not snack between meals. 

Approved by the EFSA ( European Food Safety Authority) it is recommended by experts to help those on a calorie controlled diet. Its effects also slows stomach emptying, which means that you feel fuller for longer, fighting off cravings naturally, slowing you to burn more calories.


A mineral that is very high in antioxidants, known to help regulate both thyroid function and your metabolism. 

The Thyroid is crucial to weight loss. 

It is responsible for releasing hormones that control your appetite, fat breakdown and also the absorption of the nutrients that you eat. Its also essential to a healthy immune system


Another key mineral that helps to control insulin levels in the body. 

The correct levels of chromium helps insulin to process fat, carbohydrates and proteins correctly. It is also believed that Chromium plays a crucial role in appetite control too

Natural Caffeine 

Taken from the coffee plant, Caffeine helps to raise your metabolism which means that you can naturally burn more calories through the day. It is also known to help boost mental alertness and concentration. 

For those of you who go to the gym regularly, this helps you to focus more, and give you that energy spike to train harder, getting more from your workouts.


A very important mineral that can be lacking in women, especially as they get older. 

Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue, it also helps to maintain a good balance of key electrolytes and assist with protein synthesis. 

The fact that Powher Cut contains this is really important to hep you stay healthy, fit and strong


A natural nutrient that helps to control digestion, and regulate fat metabolism. 

Its great at stopping fat build up in the liver, and can also assist with breaking down fats in the diet to stop weight gain but also provide a source of improved energy, meaning that you can burn more calories.


Key to the transporting of oxygen around the body in the blood – if levels are low, this can lead to anaemia (especially in women) resulting in fatigue.

To Sum The Formula In Powher Cut Up

  • It contains a good level of caffeine that will provide an energy boost without causing any ill effects.
  • It uses Glucomannan – a clinically proven appetite suppressant to reduce food intake.
  • Contains essential minerals that maintain a healthy body and encourage fast fat loss.

Discover More At The Official Powher Cut Website

How To Take Powher Cut

The Suggested daily serving is 2 capsules 3 times a day – take before each man meal and ALWAYS drink a full glass of water with every serving – this will enhance absorption and its effectiveness.

Powher Cut Side Effects?

The supplement is made in an FDA approved facility to GMP standards. There is nothing in the formula that has any reported side effects. 

All ingredients are at optimum doses and the recommended servings should not be exceeded.

It is crucial however that you do drink plenty of water while taking Powher Cut. 

Glucomannnan is at its most effective when taken with plenty of water.

Powher Cut User Reviews

The Official website has a large number of user reviews, here are a couple of examples:

Where To Buy Powher Cut Fat Burner For Women

Powher Cut is available to buy in most countries – Australia, Canada, US, UK and throughout Europe including Ireland – you can ONLY buy direct from the official website (Click Here) it is NOT officially available from Amazon.

It costs $65 for a months supply – To save money you can order two bottles ($129) and get free shipping (US and UK)  Buy 3 bottles ($195)  and get a 4th bottle free plus Free worldwide shipping – saving you over $70!

Guaranteed Results

The makers of Powher Cut provide a full 90 day cash back guarantee on all orders – simply take Powher Cut as directed for 90 days – if after that period, you are unhappy with the results, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund.

Powher Cut Pros and Cons


  • Well balanced formula with optimum doses of key ingredients
  • Glucomannan is a clinically approved appetite suppressant recommended by the European Food Safety Authority
  • Contains just the right amount of Caffeine to boost energy without causing any jitters
  • Delivers essential minerals that boost health and strength
  • Works throughout the day
  • 90 day cash back guarantee


  • Only available direct from manufacturers
  • Premium price

Powher Cut FAQ’S

Who Makes Powher Cut?

Powher Cut is made by supplement manufactures Ultimate Life – They are globally recognised for their award winning supplements including Powher pre workout supplement for women and Leanbean – their best selling stimulant free fat burner.

Are Powher Cut And Powher Fat Burner For Women The Same Product?

Yes – Powher Cut is simply the brand name.

Where Can You Buy Powher Cut?

Currently the only place to buy the genuine product is from the official website. Any products offered for sale on Amazon, Ebay or any other platform are likely to be non-genuine

What Are The Active Ingredients In Powher Cut?

The Formula contains Konjac Root, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium, Choline, Iron and Natural Caffeine

Is Powher Cut Safe To Take?

Yes there are no dodgy or dangerous ingredients in the formula, as long as you keep to the recommended dose you will not experience any side effects.

Is Powher Cut Expensive?

You can buy one months supply for $65. 

There are some offers available that offer savings – Buy 2 bottles for $129 and get free shipping to UK and US, If you Buy 3 bottles for $195, you get a 4th bottle FREE Plus FREE Worldwide shipping

Can I Pay In My Local Currency?

Yes depending on where you live in the word, the website will automatically set to your local currency – You can also choose your preferred currency by selecting from the drop down box – Choose from AUD, CAD, £, EUR, USD,

Can I Get A Refund If It Doesn’t Work?

As long as you have taken for 90 days as directed, you can send the empty packaging back for a full refund

Any Discount Or Offer Codes Available?

No there are no active discount codes or offers available – The best deal is the 3 bottle package – with the 4th bottle free it works out at $49 per bottle!

Can I stack Powher Cut With other supplements?

Yes absolutely – the only thing to avoid is anything else with high levels of caffeine, but aside from that it can be taken alongside most other supplements

Our Conclusion on Powher Cut

We love Ultimate life’s products, they are really well thought out and cleverly developed.  

Powher Cut offers women who workout a fast and effective way to reduce their appetite, suppress food cravings and boost their general metabolism to increase energy levels and maximise their fat loss. 

Most users agree that this product has helped them get the body shape that they have longed for

Bottom Line – Powher Cut is the real deal, it works really well and does not cause any of the nasty side effects that can be associated with some other weight loss products.

To Find Out More – Visit The Official Powher Website – Click Here

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.