POWHER Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

POWHER Pre-Workout Review :The #1 Pre-Workout For Active Women

powher preworkout for women

If you are a woman who goes to the gym or exercises regularly, you will have no doubt noticed that most supplements out there are either made for, or marketed towards men. 

There are not that many products that have been made specifically with the female body in mind. Where you do find one aimed at women, chances are that it is simply a watered down version of a male product, which makes it weaker and in many cases ineffective.

The sad fact is that the majority of manufacturers ignore the physiological and biological differences between male and female bodies, (we are not talking the obvious differences here). 

Females are different on many levels and as such, require a different approach when it comes to taking supplements to help boost results in the gym.

“This is what makes POWHER Pre-workout different to many of the products out there on the market. “

Designed by women FOR women, it has been formulated to deliver a clean, gentle but potent source of additional energy without subjecting them to high levels of stimulants. It is extremely useful for women who go to the gym (wether they lift weights or not), but its also great for those who swim, run, cycle or play other sports.

But what makes POWHER different? Lets find out….

POWHER Pre-Workout

POWHER Pre-Workout is made by uk supplement specialists Ultimate Life. They are also responsible for giving us the well known female fat burning supplement Leanbean.

At the risk of repeating oursleves, POWHER Pre-Workout is a female friendly pre-workout powder that has been developed especially for the female body to help boost energy levels, improve focus and ultimately the results from exercise or whatever sport you take part in.

Proven to boost athletic performance, it also helps support hydration and aerobic capacity

Using a list of ‘cutting edge’ ingredients, it does not just rely on overbearing amounts of stimulants so often found in male products, as these are mot generally suitable for the female body.

You Can Read More And Buy POWHER Direct From www.powherofficial.com

The Key Points Of POWHER Pre-Workout include:

  • Zero Side Effects – A brave claim, but tests and trials have shown that this product is a safe as you can get.
  • Natural Caffeine Amplifier – POWHER contains a caffeine booster that blends 3 ingredients together to maximise the energy boosting effects of the small amount of caffeine in the mix, allowing the body to utilise it in manageable amounts without causing any caffeine related side effects.
  • Boosts Motivation And Focus – A benefit not always found in pre-workouts, POWHER helps to sharpen focus and motivation on days when you don’t quite feel up to it.
  • Helps Weight Loss – By working out harder you will naturally burn more calories which means one thing – Increased fat loss
  • Creatine Free – Most women do not want to build bulky muscles that creatine can provide, they just want to lift and tone to give a sexy, slender look to their arms, legs and torso.
  • Vegan Friendly – POWHER is GMO free, there are no animal products or an other unwanted additives 

taking powher pre workout

Whats In The POWHER Pre-Workout Formula?

The Mix is a unique blend of female friendly ingredients:

ENXTRA – a branded combination of liquorice extract, lemongrass and Alpinia Galanga. These are all proven to be long lasting sources of clean energy that provides benefits for several hours without that all to common crash associated with many pre-workout products.

OXYJUN – A branded from of an extract called Terminilia Arjuna. This is a bark extract known for its benefits to the cardiovascular system, it boosts athletic performance by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This helps increase your ability to prefer high intensity workouts for longer. 

REDNITE – A concentrated form of beetroot extract, it helps by boosting vasodilation, allowing for increased blood flow which feeds and provides extra energy to your muscles, especially when performing heavy load exercises such as squats and deadlifts

l-citrulline malate

Cocount Water Powder – High in electrolyte content, helping the body to remain fully hydrated boosting both performance and recovery

Tyrosine -An effective nootropic compound that encourages the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. These are excellent at reducing the effects of both mental and physical stress on the body

Natural caffeine – taken from green coffee, caffeine is the most popular of all fat burning stimulants. POWHER contains just the right amount to give a gentle energy boost without causing any associated side effects (like the jitters, headaches, problems sleeping)

Citrulline Malate – Proven vasodilator, encourages increased blood flow, boosting muscle power and speeding recovery. A known muscle toning ingredient.

Beta Alanine – a premium version of this extract, helps reduce muscle fatigue, with creatine type effects without the muscle bulking.

Lysine – An amino acid that helps reduce stress levels and boost calcium absporption which is essential especially in women in order to boost bone strength

Taurine – An Amino acid that increase muscle hydration

powher preworkout formula


How To Take POWHER Pre-workout For Women

The daily serving is one 10g scoop mixd with 8oz of water – use a mixer bottle for best results, and take about 30 minutes before starting the workout

Our Thoughts On The Formula

Its clear that POWHER is a well thought out formula that is aimed at women who want to boost their energy levels without experiencing the energy crashes so commonly found with products packed with stimulants.

By using multiple ingredients that work in complete synergy, POWHER delivers a slow release form of energy without over stimulating. 

It provides additional oxygen and nutrients to the muscles by increasing blood flow, this helps to increase the time and number of reps that you can perform, enabling you to burn more calories, lose more weight and tone and strengthen your muscles.

It also helps to re-hydrate muscles quicker, this speed recovery and deal the onset of fatigue.

Finally by reducing the effects of stress, both mentally and physically it makes working out and all together more enjoyable experience.

Where To Buy POWHER Pre-Pre-Workout for Women

official powher website

POWHER is not the cheapest pre-workout out there, but when has cheap ever been better? its formula is packed with top quality ingredients is first class and better than most products out there.

YOu Can Only buy direct from the official website – powherofficial.com

  • A tub containing 1 months supply will cost you $49.00 plus shipping 
  • Buy 2 tubs for $90 and get free shipping to the US and UK
  • Buy 3 Tubs, get one FREE and FREE Worldwide shipping  for $149.00

(**Quoted prices shown in US $ – Prices will be shown in local currency on website)

POWHER Pre workout for women – PROS Vs CONS

As with every product there are some good and bad points:


  • Clean ingredient profile – no fillers or additives
  • Delivers Slow Release Energy – No Sudden or unpleasant energy rushes.
  • Developed For Women – Female friendly formula contains no bulking ingredients and moderate levels of stimulants.
  • Fully Disclosed Formula – No Hidden Proprietary blends here
  • Quality Ingredients – All ingredients are used in optimum forms at recommended doses
  • Complete Synergy – All ingredients blend and work together with no adverse interactions


  • Premium Priced – Its about 15% more than other ‘male targeted’ pre-workouts
  • Only Available To Buy Direct – Not available on Amazon, GNC, Ebay Or Bodybuilding[dot]com

Our Conclusion

buy powher preworkout for women in australia

There is no doubting POWHER’s pedigree, its perfect for women who workout or who take part in any regular sport. 

It will deliver a clean and useful, slow release source of energy without over stimulating, causing the shakes, jitters, sickness or headaches. 

Each and every ingredient compliments each other to boost blood flow, increasing focus and reducing the harmful effects of stress on the mind and body.

There is only one downside in our eyes and that is the fact that its relatively expensive, but when you balance that against the research and development that it took to put this product together the slight extra cost is quite understandable.

You Can Read More And Buy POWHER Direct From www.powherofficial.com

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