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Reduce Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles Naturally With FaceLift Gym

 Now Available In Australia – Facelift Gym – Gives Long Term Reduction Of Under Eye Puffiness

We have just tried an unusual and unique product that has been designed to help reduce dark circles,under eye bags and puffiness

We were curious when we were offered this product to try. No creams or serums are involved, it definitely got our attention

The product is called Facelift Gym and it really is unlike any other product on FaceLift-Gymthe market.

Think of Slendertone for the face and you’ll get the idea.  By using tiny electrical impulses and micro-vibrations, it helps to tighten and rejuvenate the muscles under the eyes.

Facelift Gym Benefits

  • Boosts Confidence
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Promotes Blood Flow
  • Reduces Dark Circles And Puffiness
  • Improves Skin Tone And Elasticity
  • Devices For Both Men And Women

As we said using impulses to tighten muscles is not a new idea, we use this method to tighten and tone our stomachs, bums and thighs.  Why not use the same principal to encourage and renew the tone around our eyes.

The makers of Facelift Gym have put a spin on a proven method and developed a very effective product to tighten and improve the delicate skin around the eyes.  After all, we all agree that eye bags and dark circles are not a good look.

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How Does Facelift Gym Work

imagesThe muscles under our eyes are virtually never exercised and during the day become tired and the skin becomes loose.  There are over 70 muscles in our face and like every other part of our body need to be trained.  With a bit of gentle persuasion it is possible to improve the eye area and regain a more youthful appearance.

One of the reasons we get dark circles under our eyes is reduced blood flow and fatty deposits start to appear.

Facelift Gym works by sending small micro vibrations to the under eye area encouraging the muscles to contract and expand. Blood flow increases and helps to disperse fatty deposits and renew tone and boost skin tension.

 Facelift Gym is perfect for both Men and Women – with devices for both

How To Use

Everything you will need is included in the kit ( see picture above) Just simply click the Facelift Gym Devices on to the adhesive eye pads included – there are several sets in each pack – turn them on and stick under the eyes.  With three different settings, you can choose the one that suits you best.

You will feel a slight ‘tingling sensation as the micro-vibrations get to work..

With clear written instructions in the pack you are ready to go.  Our tip however, is to go on to the official website and watch the ‘how to use video’ it’s really informative and easy to follow.

Watch The Official FaceLift Gym Video Below:

Facelift Gym Collagen Drink

The guys behind Facelift Gym also make a rather unique collagen drink – with reduced collagen being another key reason for the development of under eye bags, their drink ( available from the website) provides the nutrients required to reinvigorate natural collagen production, working alongside the device itself to maximise the benefits and ultimately the results of the process.

In The Press

Facelift Gym have been featured in some of the top magazines and publications across the world, including Top Sante, Cote Sante, Bild Der Frau and Trusted Beauty Guide all giving the thumbs up to their effectiveness.


Our Thoughts

With every product we test an open mind is our main aim.  

After trying Facelift Gym for a week we found a slight improvement but after three weeks there was a definite reduction in puffiness.  The eye area had tightened and dark circles were beginning to lessen.

Facelift Gym is a slow burner.  You will not wake up after just a couple of uses and hey presto younger tighter eyes.

What we did find though is with regular use over a couple of weeks this unique invention really does help to improve the eye area and strongly recommend that you try.  Creams and serums do work to a degree, but the effects don’t always work for long. We found these little devices easy to use and comfortable. All you feel is a slight tingling sensation as the device does its thing..

It is recommended that you use Facelift Gym for 10 minutes, 3 times a week for the best results.

22193Where To Buy Facelift Gym In Australia

The full range of facelift gym products is available worldwide from the official website.

The makers have full distribution in place across Australia and New Zealand, orders are shipped quickly and securely.

All buyers also get the protection of a full 14 day cash back guarantee – Prices for full kits start at $75.00

100% Recommended!!

Click Here To Visit Official Face Lift Gym Website


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