What Causes Teeth Staining

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)


Why Are My Teeth Stained

If you look in the mirror and see yellow teeth, you will probably wonder what has caused the staining. Our teeth can be stained by many things, the main woman-drinking-red-wine-horizculprits without a doubt are drinks like Red wine, coffee and tea, sugary acidic drinks like coke can also cause teeth staining as can smoking.

Is There A Way To Stop Drinks Staining My Teeth

The most obvious thing to do would be to stop drinking these drinks, but why should we?? – so what can we do?

Try drinking through a straw whenever possible, this would protect the front teeth from the drink, and always try whenever possible to rinse your mouth out with water immediately after drinking these highly coloured drinks.

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Other Causes Of Stained Teeth

Certain medicines are known to stain teeth; these can include some antihistamines and antibiotics. Of these the worst culprits are tetracycline and minocyline. These are well known to leave a hard to shift bluish grey stain if used for some time.


If concerned about the affects of medication on your teeth, its important to talk to both your doctor and dental surgeon who can advise you on what to do.

Getting older has a profound effect on our teeth condition, with age, the outside enamel gets thinner to reveal the yellow coloured under layer called dentin.

Genetics also play a part; some people are more disposed to getting yellow teeth than others.

Dark foods and fruits also have a staining effect on your teeth, examples are cranberries and soy sauce.

A golden rule to remember is:

If it’s likely to stain your clothes, its just as likely to stain your teeth

It’s wise to always rinse your mouth with water after eating any dark colour foodstuffs.

Injury, damage and some dental procedures can also cause some staining, root canal work being such an example.

How Can I Try To Avoid Stains

Keeping to a good dental care regime is important, regular brushing and teeth_1375372cflossing being crucial. For best results, try and see your dentist at least two times a year to keep your teeth clean and in top condition.

What Is The Best Way To get Rid Of Teeth Staining

If regular care and cleaning will not remove the stains, then you could consider getting your teeth whitened, this treatment will remove your stains by bleaching and leaving you with white teeth.

Most Dental surgeries and beauty spas offer this service, but the treatment comes at a cost, professional whitening costs upwards of $250 with some city centre surgeries charging twice that amount.

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